Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Music we love - The Zac Brown Band

I'm having a great time visiting schools and libraries at the moment as people celebrate Book Weeks and the love of reading... I've got a few diary entries to write about that and I will get to that as soon as I have time - right now though I'm busy writing about Christopher Columbus.

It really is good visiting schools and libraries all around Great Britain but it's not much fun when I have to stay away from home when the schools are a long way from home. People think it's fun staying in a hotel for the night but it isn't when you're on your own. I'm quite lucky though as Boofle comes with me... Here he is watching the world whizz past the window of the train we were on to London.

Hotel rooms are quiet so I like to listen to a bit of music that reminds me of home when I'm away... Vicky and I have recently discovered The Zac Brown Band so I'm listening to them as I write - usually I like to write in silence but I'm finding that I can have music on quietly when I'm writing non-fiction - so that's good.

In schools and libraries, people often ask what sort of music I like so I thought it would be good to feature some of it in my diary... Here's two songs from the Zac Brown Band. Goodbye In Her Eyes is a quiet song that builds up as it goes on... I love the song and the video with it's circus imagery - quite dark and mysterious in its way...

And this one.... Jump Right In... we love it...

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