Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Book Reviews

When you sit at home writing a story you never know if anyone is going to like it so it's great when you find that people do. It's wonderful to receive an email or a letter from someone that has read one of your books themselves or from someone that has shared one of you books with someone else... it's also great when someone takes the time to write a reiew of a book.

I was delighted to discover that someone has read and enjoyed one of my Robo-runners books recently and has written a review of it for Amazon. Even more delighted that they enjoyed the book and gave it a five star rating. Woo Hoo !!!

Here's what they wrote - "The second great robot story by Damian Harvey does not disappoint. As the robots continue on their quest to find Robotika, Al, Crank and Torch come across some robots who race against each other; the mekanix and the engineerz. Quick paced and exhilarating, enjoyable from beginning to end. I reccommend this as I would all the robo - runners series. Great for young readers."
You can visit the Amazon page here 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easter Holidays - WWE - Swimming and Writing

I hope you've all had a good break from school over the Easter Holidays and haven't eaten too much chocolate.
As well as going out for a few walks, spending at day at the swimming bath and enjoying the sunshine, we took Connor to see the WWE Wrestling at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.... and I have to say, it much more fun than Vicky and I thought it was going to be. We were sat pretty close to the ring so got a really good view too.
As well as all that I've also been busy writing. Today I'm going to be putting the finishing touches to one or two picture book stories that I've been working on - and then I'll be sending them off into the world to see what people think of them.... always a scary time.
I haven't got any book pictures to brighten up this diary entry I thought I'd show you a picture that I took while we were watching the Wrestling. As I'm sure you already know - the picture if of Rey Mysterio.
Tomorrow afternoon I'm calling in at St Mary's RC Primary School in Fleetwood, Lancashire, to spend a few hours with everyone from Reception to Year six - so here's a BIG HELLO to everyone there.