Thursday, 22 November 2012

Another Busy Week

It's been a busy week. On Sunday evening I spent four and a half hours driving down to Eastcote, Middlesex so that I could spend all day on Monday visiting Newnham Junior School. I had a great time at school meeting all the wonderful staff and children and sharing stories and poems, and generally having lots of book fun. Fellow author, Mark Robson was at the school too - I haven't seen Mark for a couple of years so it was great having the chance to catch up with him. 

The rest of the week has been spent writing and painting and decorating at home. The kitchen is almost finished, but once it is it will be time to make a start on the living room. Hoping to get it all finished in time to put the Christmas decorations up.

Tomorrow I'm visiting Mountain Lane Primary School in Buckley - only a ten minute drive from home - so here's a BIG HELLO to everyone there. See you all soon...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Damian and Vicky's Wedding

I've not written anything in my diary for quite a while. You might thing that this is because nothing much has been happening recently but let me tell you - the exact opposite is true... in fact there has been so much happening recently that I've not had chance to sit down and write in my diary. 
I've been busy writing of course - have put the finishing touches to a couple of little plays (I can tell you more about those later), and I have also been messing around with some other writing work.... more about that later too.... But the biggest and most important thing of all though is that on Saturday 27th October I got married to the most beautiful Victoria Harris - now Victoria Harvey. We haven't got many photographs from the wedding yet but they will be arriving very soon. We do have a couple of lovely photographs that have bee taken by other people though, including this one taken by one of our wonderful bridesmaids Rachel Harvey. 

If you can't wait to see  more photographs then you can take a look at a Photovid of our perfect day by clicking HERE. Our superb wedding photographers, Gaynor and Steve Godfrey (Rainbow Studios) did a fantastic job and we would highly recommend them to anyone.