Wednesday, 29 September 2010

On the Road and Out and About

Just spent the evening in town with the extremely talented and very funny poet Craig Bradley. We had a laugh, swapped stories about our lives and listened to each other as friends do... all right he listened to me bend his ear a bit... But a very good night.

This next few weeks is going to be very busy as I'm travelling round the country visiting lots of schools and libraries. I'll be writing about the places I go and saying hello to people right here so come back and see where I've been. Hopefully I'll put a few picture up here too.

For now, here's a big HELLO to everyone at Firwood School, Westlea Community Primary School in Upton and a special HELLO to everyone at Aylesham Primary School in Canterbury

Friday, 24 September 2010

Happy Birthdays and Days out

It's been a busy week so far but things are going to get much busier as many schools are having their books week celebrations. I'll be spending a few days travelling around next week, the whole of the week after and lots of other odd days here are there too.

This week has been quite busy as well. Wednesday was my brother's birthday and today is my Mum's birthday.... she is 7o today but shhhhh! don't tell anyone I told you how old she is.

Yesterday I drove down to Wales and had lunch with Vicky, then we spent a lovely afternoon together.

Today I'm writing letters and going ice skating with Rachel and Laura... should be fun.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Southport Airshow

Had a lovely time yesterday with Vicky and Connor at the Southport Airshow, where even the rather damp weather couldn't spoil the day. I've seen the Blackpool Airshow a few times and always imagined Southport's to be pretty much the same, however, it's much bigger and stretches over two days, with things going on all through the day over the weekend.

We wandered around on the beach looking at some of the aeroplanes and display stands, watched the West Lancashire Dog Display team in action, a parachute team, and of course the amazing Red Arrows.

After a bit of lunch and a wander round the shops we made out way back to the car at tea time and there were still planes thundering overhead beneath the dark clouds. Just found out that today's airshow has been cancelled due to severe weather through the night which has caused flooding... we certainly went at the right time.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Writing and Walking

This week seems to have flown by - as many weeks do - and I haven't had chance to write much in my diary. Earlier in the week I went for a walk along the river with Laura (it made a nice change to see the creek full and the boats floating instead of sitting in the mud), and we bought ice creams at Knott End - Cappuccino for me and Smarty flavour for Laura (both with a chocolate flake).This morning I'm in the house writing, and this afternoon I've got a shed roof to fix, a bit of rollerblading with Rachel to keep fit and then another walk this evening with Deanna. Hopefully the sun will keep shining and make all this possible.

Also got a few letters and emails to send to schools and libraries.

Hope you're having a nice day....