Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Preparing for Christmas

Even though we're still busy working it really feels like Christmas is getting closer now. On Sunday we put up our Christmas Tree and decorated the house. It's starting to feel nice and cosy and Christmassy. We've even managed to do most of our Christmas shopping, which makes a change - we're normally running around on the last minute.

We love our Christmas tree with it's mixture of special decorations that we've picked up here and there. This little house was bought from Harrods last year when we visited London for the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park...

And we just couldn't resist getting this little Owl - one of Boofle's friends. We still need to make a start on writing our Christmas cards and between now and Christmas I want to get the first draft of the next book in my History Heroes completed - it needs to go to my editor at the beginning of the New Year - and I don't want to be working on it over Christmas if I can help it.

The books are going well so far and I'm really pleased with the way the first two - Christopher Columbus, and Neil Armstrong - are coming along.  

That's all for now... I will write more soon and let you know what we're up too...