Friday, 19 April 2013

Meena The Monster Minder

My latest book, Meena the Monster Minder - a little book containing two plays, published by Pearson - comes out near the end of May.
Among other little tweaks to my website I've just added a page all about the book. Click here to go and take a look...

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Our Wedding Day

It's taken me ages to put some pictures from our wedding day on my website - but I've finally done it... Click here to visit a page all about our wedding.

I will be tweaking this page and adding more new web pages over the next few weeks so keep on coming back.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Meena The Monster Minder

Here's a quick sneak preview of the cover of Meena The Monster Minder - my latest book that is going to be published near the end of May by Pearson. I will add a new webpage to feature the book and tell you more about it as soon as I get chance. The book contains two plays  all about a quick thinking young girl, Meena, and what happens when she visits the Von Kreep family's house to share her expert babysitting and cake making skills with the little monsters...Meena the Monster Minder and Meena the Master Chef.

I love Marcin Piwowarski's illustrations... They really bring the characters to life and there's lots of fun things to look at in the creepy house. You can find out more about Marcin from his website.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wembley and Happy Birthday to me

I've had a few busy weeks visiting schools and libraries in England and Wales while everyone has been celebrating World Book Day and having book days and weeks of their own - It's been exhausting but lots of fun. On the 25th March I visited Bassingbourn Primary School
in Cambridgeshire and Vicky and Connor came along with me early on Sunday morning so that we could stop off at Wembley Stadium to see Wrexham play Grimsby Town in the FA Carlsberg Trophy Final...

It was freezing cold sitting in the stadium and the game went to extra time and then on to penalties with Wrexham finally winning. We got to our hotel in Stevenage just in time for tea...

We had a nice time yesterday with Laura, Deanna and Chris and we're going to have a lazy day today as it's my birthday... I've got some lovely cards and presents and I'm looking forward to spending a romantic day with my beautiful wife tomorrow when we visit the hotel that we stayed in for our honeymoon... I can't wait.