Friday, 31 August 2012

Out and About in Chester

Deanna came to visit for the day yesterday so that she could be fitted for her bridesmaid dress - she looked lovely. I can't let you see pictures of her bridesmaid dress yet - you'll have to wait until after the wedding in October...

It was nice and sunny in the morning so while she was here we had a wander round the lovely city of Chester. After a look round a few shops we walked along the old city walls as we made our way to the bridal shop.  Here's a picture of Vicky and Deanna taken on the city wall at the back of the Cathedral, 

and another of Vicky and myself taken a little further along the wall. 

After being fitted for her dress we had a little drive to Flint to see the post box that has been painted gold to celebrate Jade Jones winning a gold medal in Tae Kwon Do. There were banners everywhere welcoming Jade home... a good idea painting a postbox gold in each of the medal winners home towns I think.  

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Anonymous said...

Yes! It's great having a 'solid gold' post box in my home town. My 83 year old Mum insisted on posting a relative's Birthday Card in it on the day that it was being painted. She had to roll her cardigan sleeve up so as not to get gold paint on herself! When we walked away from the box she sighed and said, "I do wish Jade had won gold at Badminton, or table tennis, or something to do with horses. I mean, I am proud of what she's achieved, but, honestly....why 'fighting'?"