Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bringing Books To Life

I was really excited when, a few weeks ago, I was asked if Robo Runners could be used on BBC 2 Bringing Books To Life. Of course, I said yes... The programme is described as 'A wonderful adventure into the worlds of some of the best children's books written for seven-to-ten-year-olds." Throughout the series, celebrity presenters talk about and read extracts for their favourite books - this is combined with animation to make the whole thing even more exciting. If you visit the BBC2 website you can watch the trailer for the programme, and a couple of other clips.

I was delighted to discover that Hannah EnglandTeam GB athlete, was going to be reading an extract from Robo-Runners. 

The programme is due to be shown for the first time on Friday morning at 5AM (but hopefully parts of the programme - including the Robo Runners extract - will be shown again at other times on BBC and on CBBC). Click Robo Runners to go straight to the Robo Runners page where you can see more, and bigger pictures. As soon as the clip is available I will include it on my website... 

Other books being used in the series include, Roald Dahl's Georges Marvellous Medicine, Kenneth Graham's Wind in the Willows, Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant, Michael Morpurgo's Butterfly Lion and Philip Pullman's The Firework maker's Daughter.... so Crank and Al are in good company.  

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Penny Dolan said...

Brilliant news about Robo Runners - even more reasons to celebrate just now.