Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer holidays are finally here which probably means and end to the nice weather we've been having, but hopefully not.
On Monday I spent the day visiting libraries in Flintshire to help launch the Summer Reading Challenge - it was great that Vicky was able to come along with me too. In the morning we visited Mancot Library and in the afternoon we went to Mold and then Buckley Library. 

When you visit libraries during school holidays you never really know how many people are going to turn up... I've been to libraries where there have been lots of people and I've been to libraries where hardly anyone turns up. I try not to get too worried if not many people turn up as I've been to listen to very well know authors in libraries and have been surprised to find only a handful of people in the audience... There's a few reasons why this can happen but I'm not going to go into that now. I was thrilled to see so many people turn up to hear my sessions at all three libraries - it was great to see a couple of familiar faces and wonderful to meet see so many new people too - adults and children.  

This years Summer Reading Challenge is called Creepy House. The artwork that has been done to advertise the challenge - as well as for the goodies, posters and certificates - has been done by the wonderful Chris Riddell.
As well as doing a few monster and creepy house related things (along with my other books) we had a little Wrap Your Mummy contest in two of the libraries where two teams had lots of fun wrapping each other up to look like Mummies. 

It was a roasting hot day - phew!!! - but it was lots of fun... A big thank you to everyone that came along and joined in with the fun and thank you to Flintshire Libraries for inviting me to take part.

I hope everyone has a great time reading their books and completing the challenge... wish I could take part as there are some really cool goodies this year for everyone that does... including some disgusting scratch and sniff stickers poooooh!!!

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