Monday, 2 June 2014

Back to School

Here's a picture a couple of weeks ago of some sheep in a churchyard... It's got nothing to do with today's diary entry but I quite like the picture. 

The half term holiday seems to have flown by... I've spent most of the week busily working on a longer book - tweaking and reworking the first five or six chapters and adding new bits and pieces here and there.

I'm eager to get on with the rest of the book now but I also need to work of a few very short stories for a publisher. Over the next couple of weeks I will be doing a bit of both. I will also be busy visiting a few schools.

This week I will be visiting Oxford Grove Primary School In Bolton, Caldmore Primary School in Walsall, and Churchfields Junior School in East London... Here's a BIG HELLO to everyone there... see you all soon.

Best get to work now.

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