Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Summer Holidays in Tenby

It's a wet Wednesday here in North East Wales... amazing how quickly the summer holidays have flown by and it's already time to go back to school and work... not that I haven't been working of course. Over the summer I've been busy writing but we've also had time for some really good days out. I will write and let you know about some of the things we've been up to over the next week or so.
Last week we were in Tenby, one of our favourite places to go. We had a great time with days of beautiful sunshine mixed in with a few heavy rain showers. For most of the week we had quite a lazy time just wandering around the town and along the beach - dodging the odd rainstorm like this one that had moved off over the sea.
I took my camera everywhere we went as there's always something interesting to photograph... great for helping you get ideas for stories or for adding interesting little details. One day we spotted these strange things washed up on the beach and had no idea what they were... 
And they look even stranger up close...
After a bit of research we discovered that they are Pelagic Gooseneck Barnacles. They are normally found in warmer parts of the world but they get carried around on the bottom of boats and on pieces of driftwood.
There's lots of interesting things to see around the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. The coastline is impressive enough with it's beaches, cliffs and caves but there's lots of wildlife too. 

This Kestrel spent a lot of time sitting at the top of a mast while it kept it's eye out for something to eat... as soon as it spotted something it took to the air. I was just in the right place to get this picture as it glided by one afternoon. 

It was Vicky's birthday while we were away from home and as a special treat we planned to take a boat trip and go dolphin spotting (I will write more about that soon)...

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