Sunday, 19 September 2010

Southport Airshow

Had a lovely time yesterday with Vicky and Connor at the Southport Airshow, where even the rather damp weather couldn't spoil the day. I've seen the Blackpool Airshow a few times and always imagined Southport's to be pretty much the same, however, it's much bigger and stretches over two days, with things going on all through the day over the weekend.

We wandered around on the beach looking at some of the aeroplanes and display stands, watched the West Lancashire Dog Display team in action, a parachute team, and of course the amazing Red Arrows.

After a bit of lunch and a wander round the shops we made out way back to the car at tea time and there were still planes thundering overhead beneath the dark clouds. Just found out that today's airshow has been cancelled due to severe weather through the night which has caused flooding... we certainly went at the right time.

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Karien Naude said...

Oh this is really wicked!