Sunday, 3 October 2010

Book Week

It's been a busy few days with school visits and spending time with family and friends... and it's not going to slow down for a while either... today, Rachel moved back to Uni. (Why is it that the lift only stops working when we have to empty the car and carry loads of boxes up to the fourth floor grrrrrr)

This week I'm out and about again... so for a start, here's a big hello to everyone at Westfield Community Primary School, Boarshaw Primary School, and Audenshaw Primary School.


Karien Naude said...

Hello buddy!

Sorry but its just hectic this week. I had an expo last weekend and for 3 days I was so busy I didnt even had time to sleep. It turned out great, a few publishing houses were there and they liked my stuff. Im sending your stuff next week :P

Damian Harvey said...

Hi Karien

glad to hear you had a good time at expo and that there's lots of interest in your stuff :-)

Gets hectic at times doesn't it.