Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Unicorn Primary School

Last week I drove down to Bromley to visit Unicorn Primary School - and what a great time I had... it was hot and sunny as I drove down... only a five hour drive (PHEW!!!!) Thankfully, Boofle came along to keep me company...
I managed to find the hotel I was staying at - even though my SATNAV stopped working a few miles before I got there. A brief panic attack followed but I managed to find where I was going without too much trouble.

After checking in I set off to find something to eat - chicken strips from McD's - it's a glamorous life - and a charger for my phone which I'd managed to leave in Vicky's car.

After a good night's sleep I set off the following morning for Unicorn Primary School - only a couple of miles from where I was staying... thankfully the roads were nice and quiet so it didn't take me long to get there.
It's always interesting vising a school for the first time as you never know what to expect... Some schools are in little villages and some are in big cities (as you would expect) but even knowing this, it's hard to predict what you will find. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Unicorn Primary School is surrounded by trees... I even had to walk over a little bridge that crossed a small stream to get to the school's front door. Birds were singing in the trees and squirrels were scampering across the ground and along the branches above.
I loved the little Wellie Flower Pots that were sprouting flowers along the fences by the playgrounds... what a nice idea.

The day started with a whole school assembly in which I had time to introduce myself and tell a silly story to everyone (and sweat a little as it was very warm) before meeting everyone from reception to year six for the rest of the day... The teachers and children were fantastic and there were lots of interesting questions being asked and lots of enthusiasm... a great day.

Even the long drive home via the Dartford Tunnel and across the country in the hot sun didn't spoil the day...

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