Thursday, 11 June 2015

Robbie's Robot

Today sees the publication of my latest little book and the postman arrived with a few copies for me... always an exciting time. The book, Robbie's Robot is out today in Hardback and the paperback version will be out next year (published by Franklin Watts - part of Hachette Children's Books). 

It's always exciting to receive copies of a new book - no matter how big or small the book is... It's great seeing the story all together with the artwork. Robbie's Robot has been illustrated by the wonderful Rory Walker and he's done a great job of it too.
Robbie loves nothing better than lazing on his bed, reading comics, playing games, eating crisps and drinking pop. The trouble is, he hates tidying his bedroom and it gets messier and messier. Mum tells him that if he can't keep his room clean then he won't get any pocket money. Tidying his bedroom is hard work, but then Robbie has an idea. He looks on the internet and orders himself a robot... just the thing for keeping his room tidy.
Writing the little story I tried not to imagine how the robot would look so it was fantastic to see what Rory came up with... I love it. Robbie loves it too.... but if you were a robot would you be happy tidying Robbie's room?

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